Standard no-spring Weigher (2017 Edition) - JW A10 e JW A14

It is suitable for weighing granules at small target weight such as peanuts, sunflowers, candy, chocolate ball, meatballs, etc. (Note: not suitable for small particles and materials with large impact force).


  • Adopt high precision and high accurate loadcell of famous brand, resolution is improved up to 2 decimal;
  • Program recovery function can reduce operation failures and support multi-segment weight calibration;
  • No products auto pause function can improve weighing stability;
  • 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirements and user-friendly help menu contributes to easy operation;
  • Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently;
  • Many languages available for global markets.

Mechanical Character

  • No-spring hopper with patent, economical and practical, cost-effective;
  • Use no-spring hopper to ensure food safety more effectively;
  • The upper brackets for upper storage funnel is easy to adjust, the discharge chute with new structure is easy to install & disassemble and clean;
  • 7” touch screen can meet various requirements;
  • Mold making process and uniform design standards contribute to better interchangeability for spare parts;
  • Weighing type for material detection is available, which can make accurate control of feeding time & material thickness and ensure weighing accuracy;
  • Aluminum thickened middle standing enhances the strength of the machine, making the time for stabilizing hoppers much shorter.

Technical Specification

Identify CodeA10-1-1DWA14-1-1DW
Weighing Range10-1000g10-1500g
Max Speed65P/M120P/M
Hopper Volume1.6L1.6L
Control Panel7" Touch Screen7" Touch Screen
OptionsDimple/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject DeviceDimple/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device
Driving SystemStep MotorStep Motor
Power Requirement220V/1000W/50/60Hz/8A220V/1000W/50/60Hz/10A
Packaging Dimensions (mm)1620(L)*1100(W)*1190(H) 1700(L)*1110(W)*1130(H)
Gross Weight380Kg480Kg


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