Valudose Sauce Applicator

The ValuDose Sauce Applicator evenly applies a wide range of sauces onto your single or two-lane pizza line while leaving crust edges clean. Sauce is pumped accurately and uniformly at a speed you control. It tailors to varying crust sizes, shaped patterns, sauce portioning and consistency range – making it the perfect fit for your pizza operation.

  • Deposit sauce on up to 50 12-inch pizzas per minute
  • Uniform border free sauce application on flat and raised pizza crusts
  • Control sauce pattern size and shape, portioning and line speed with ease
  • Sanitary design with easily removable parts allows for quick, thorough cleaning and maintenance

Technical Specification

Product Size: up to 16” (406.4 mm) diameter
Application Pattern: up to 15” (381 mm) diameter
Sauce Reservoir Volume: 12 gallons (45.5 L)
Deposit Portion: 1-13 oz. (28.3-368.5 g)
Sauce Bostwick Consistency: 1-11
Conveyor Height: 34-38” (863.6-965.2 mm)
Pneumatic: 60 psi/5 CFM per pump
Electrical: 230-460 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

Common Food Applications

  • Pizza

Parts & Features

  • Single or two-lane configurations available
  • Deposits sauce in round, rectangular and square patterns


  • Rotary-actuated valve for particulate sauces (up to 9.5 mm)


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