Pizzamatic Linear Slicer

The Grote Pizzamatic Linear Slicer slices and applies cold pepperoni directly onto your pizza line – in a full pattern, on a variety of crust sizes – all in a single motion. It tailors to your operation with its cantilevered design and available left- or right-hand frame configuration. Patented Orbitrox™ razor sharp, hardened steel circular blades cut through product sticks cleanly and precisely, minimizing curling. The Linear Slicer’s user-friendly design allows for fast set-up, operation and thorough cleaning.

  • Slice and apply on up to 45 12-inch pizzas per minute, per lane with a single-head unit
  • Set directly over your production line and customize height and frame orientation to tailor exactly to your specific operation
  • Single-lane, multi-lane and tandem configurations available
  • Continuous product loading reduces downtime and increases output
  • Easy-to-use touch screen panel for simple operation
  • Sanitary design with open frame and easily removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Orbitrox™ hardened steel circular blades cut cleanly and precisely, and are easily resharpened – lasting for years

Technical Specification

Single lane model*

Product/Crust Size: up to 16” (406.4 mm)
Cutting Area: 15x15” (381x381 mm)
Line Height: 34-40” (863-1016 mm)
Crust Height/Thickness: .6-2.12” (15.24–53.8 mm)
Slice Thickness: .04-.13” (1-3.3 mm)

Finely adjust with dial indicator

Electrical: 200-575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

*Multi-lane and tandem configurations available

Common Food Applications

  • Pizza

Parts & Features

  • Cantilevered left- or right-hand frame
  • Orbitrox™ circular blade
  • Resharpening attachment (single-lane); offline (multi-lane)
  • Continuous gravity feed loading
  • Electric, servo-driven ball screw for cluster drive
  • Fully programmable stroke length


Crust transfer conveyor


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