Long End Slicer

The Log End Slicer is specifically designed to recover usable slices from every product log end – increasing yield and eliminating rework and manual slicing. Its auto-loading system feeds log ends to the slicer, where they are weighted down for consistent slicing by our patented AccuBand disposable band blades. The Log End Slicer is ideal for large volume, premium deli meat slicing operations. Its user-friendly operation and sanitation allow for fast set-up, processing and thorough cleaning.

• Slice and portion log ends at up to 90 strokes per minute, per lane
• Recover premium slices from previously discarded butt ends without rework on every log sliced
• Programmable to recover only quality slices, discarding cap ends, or to slice through entire log ends
• Sanitary design with sloped services and easily removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning
• Disposable AccuBand® band blades eliminate resharpening, simplify clean-up and provide optimal slice quality, consistency and yield

Technical Specification

Product Size: Single Lane: 6x12” (152x304 mm) Two Lane: 6x6” (152x152 mm) per lane
Stack Height: Up to 3” (75 mm) Slice Thickness: .02-.50” (.5 mm-12.7 mm)
Electrical: 208-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase

Common Food Applications

  • Lunch Meats
  • Fresh Meats

Parts & Features

  • AccuBand blades and blade guides
  • Auto-load conveyor – 12” wide dual stage, plastic modular belt
  • Carryout conveyor (extended length available)


  • One or two-lane models


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