Horizontal Bisector

The Horizontal Bisector cuts bread products horizontally into halves, and then transfers them to your sandwich assembly line for processing. With the Horizontal Bisector, you automate and control an additional step in your operation, increasing output and safety while ensuring consistent quality at a lower cost than pre-sliced products. It is available in
a single-lane model for frozen sandwiches and a two-lane model, ideal for fresh sandwich lines.

  • Slice up to 100 pieces per minute, per lane
  • Single-lane (frozen) and two-lane (fresh) systems available
  • Quickly and easily adjust cut heights for a variety of bread products, including rolls, biscuits, bagels, buns, croissants and paninisv
  • Can cut in temperatures as low as 20-32 degrees Fto handle fresh and frozen products (see model specifics on back)
  • Disposable AccuBand® band blades provide optimal quality, consistency and yield while eliminating resharpening and simplifying clean-up

Technical Specification

Product Size: Width: up to 4.94” (125.4 mm) Height: .5-3.25” (12.7-38.1 mm)
Lowest Performance Temperature: HBS: 32 degrees F (0 C°) HBZ: 20 degrees F (-6 C°)
Electrical: 200-575VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1-3 Phase
Wash Down Rating: IP65
Transfer Belt Speed: 13-40 FPM (4.0-12.2 M/min) with VFD adjustment

Common Food Applications

  • Bread

Parts & Features

  • AccuBand blades and blade guides


  • Model HBS: Fresh, two-lane
  • Model HBZ: Frozen, single-lane


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