X-Ray Inspection For Larger Items - IX-EN and IX-GN Series

Ishida Europe has extended its range of x-ray inspection systems with the launch of two models specifically designed for larger size products and pack formats.


The new IX-EN-5592 and IX-GN-5523 can detect a wide range of foreign bodies in large and heavy products, both packed and unpacked, such as transit cases and blocks of cheese.

Their high-capacity inspection chambers – 550mm wide and 270mm in height - are perfectly suited to the EURO standard 600mm x 400mm cases and crates and are able to handle products with weights up to 25kg.

Both IX-EN-5592 and IX-GN-5523 models incorporate Ishida’s patented GA (Genetic Algorithm) technology that allows users to optimise their x-ray machine for their own unique product characteristics. Each GA can be tuned to focus on a particular foreign body that could pose a risk during production, greatly improving sensitivity and detection rates.

  • The IX-EN-5592 provides the ideal entry-level x-ray inspection solution, ensuring accurate and reliable inspection for uniform products.
  • The IX-GN-5523 offers even greater levels of versatility in its inspection of packed and unpacked products and features an integrated air conditioning unit.

Set-up and operation of both machines are easy via their user-friendly touch screen controls, and their ergonomic design and stainless steel construction make the models easy to clean. In addition, the overall design of the machines and their small footprint enables them to be easily integrated wherever they are required on the production line.

As well as providing valuable food safety and product quality to deliver consumer reassurance and effective brand protection.

Ishida’s x-ray technology can also carry out a wide variety of additional quality checks. These include counting components, weight estimation, checking fill levels, measuring product size and detecting flaws such as missing or broken items.

ISHIDA Case Studies

Ishida X-Ray Technology Helps to Ensure Greek Yoghurt Quality

The accuracy, versatility and reliability of an Ishida IXGA-65100 X-ray inspection system is helping one of Greece’s leading yoghurt producers to deliver the highest levels of quality control and achieve continuing success in both national and international markets.

View: https://www.ishidaeurope.com/eu/en/news/case-studies/ishida-x-ray-technology-helps-to-ensure-greek-yoghurt-quality.cfm


Ishida Line Delivers High Production Flexibility and Quality for Museli and Cereals

In collaboration with its customer, the project team at Ishida Germany has devised a new high-performance packing line comprising fully automatic multihead weighers and inspection systems, currently enabling full production flexibility and enhancing quality control at leading German oat flakes and muesli producer Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA.

View: https://www.ishidaeurope.com/eu/en/news/case-studies/ishida-line-delivers-high-production-flexibility-and-quality-for-museli-and-cereals.cfm


Advanced Automation and Complete Traceability From Ishida

Ishida Europe has designed and installed a complete packing line enabling three to four operators to produce prepared salads at up to 40 trays per minute, whilst automating inspection and making every pack traceable to a stored X-ray image. Gastro Star AG produces 30 tonnes of fresh products every day, ranging from vegetables and salads to fruit, including ready to use salad mixes under the Betty Bossi and Weight Watchers brands.

View: https://www.ishidaeurope.com/eu/en/news/case-studies/advanced-automation-and-complete-traceability-from-ishida.cfm


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