Ishida IDCS Data Capture System

Whether it’s Average Weight versus Target Weight or Frequency of Rejects, Ishida IDCS Data Capture System enables you to spot quickly where product is being wasted or given away. You can respond right away with improved settings, better maintenance or extra training to stop the drain on profits.


The IDCS collects data from every pack that has passed through your Ishida checkweigher and integrated metal detectors, generating dynamic, graphic displays and reports (see table) with a wide range of profitable uses.

The system provides all the information you need to reduce giveaway and downtime to increase efficiency (including Overall Equipment Efficiency, OEE), making a real and lasting contribution to your production line.

The capabilities of the system include live display of losses through overfilling, presented as pounds sterling or euros; presentation of incentive schemes to motivate shop floor staff as they interact with the device; data collection that can identify whether training or equipment adjustments is needed and many more examples.

The Ishida Data Capture System:

  • Harnesses data from every single pack
  • Monitors operator, shift, line or complete factory performance
  • Can connect from 1 to 100 checkweighers
  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance
  • Provides fully customisable reports
  • Allows data export to Microsoft® Excel
  • Has a memory back-up facility to ensure data integrity
  • Stores batch reports to ensure your compliance with average weight legislation

How can IDCS reduce giveaway and generate cost savings?

IDCS introduces OEE into your business


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