Checkweigher Excellence Line

The Ishida DACS-G range of checkweighers offer considerable improvements in speed, while using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to maintain or improve accuracy.

Ishida - Quality control high speed checkweighing and metal detection (UK)


The ultimate performance from the DACS-G checkweigher series

Ishida's DACS-G series culminates 40 years of experience in checkweigher design and manufacturing.

This range of advanced checkweighers, offering high accuracy and a rapid throughput are outstandingly reliable, even under the harshest conditions. Each model offers two different weighing ranges, selectable at the touch of a button, enabling a very wide weight spectrum to be handled.

  • Incorporates Ishida's high-performance load cell for faster stabilisation of weigh-signal
  • Robust design that protects the weighing mechanism against impact and heavy loads
  • Space-saving, open frame design with optional metal detector
  • Two colour display options, touch screen for the easiest of operations of your checkweigher
  • Compliant with European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

The DACS-G range is suitable for a vast majority of applications. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Ishida Case Studies

Ishida Inspection Systems Ensure Immaculate Packaging for Crisps

A specialist German potato chip brand is maintaining excellent quality control on its recently upgraded high-capacity packing lines thanks to the introduction of Sealtesters and Checkweighers from Ishida Europe. Krosse Kerle potato chips from Johanning Snack are cooked with their skins intact and produced from potatoes picked from fields right next to the factory.



Partnership Approach Seals Success at Plaza Foods

Ishida machinery at plaza foods Nijmegen.

The versatility of Ishida’s market leading QX Flex tray sealers, the quality of its sales and service support, and the company’s ability to provide turnkey line installations are all major factors in the long term working relationship between Ishida Europe and Plaza Foods, one of the Netherlands’ leading manufacturers of oriental ready meals.


Ishida Snacks Solution Delivers High Speeds for Small Bags

Ishida’s longstanding experience in the development of snacks packaging solutions has been the critical factor in enabling one of the Czech Republic’s leading snacks manufacturers to achieve the high packing speeds required for its new ranges of smaller bag sizes. POEX, based in Velké Meziříčí and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, manufactures a wide variety of extruded snacks under both its own brand and for several of the country’s leading supermarkets, as well as for export to Western Europe.




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