Checkweigher Advance Line

Where precision checkweighing at speeds of up to 600 packs per minute is needed, Ishida Advance-Line checkweighers offer the ideal solution.


High line-speeds with no sacrifice of accuracy

At belt speeds of up to 120m/min, Ishida’s precision force-balance sensor delivers impressive accuracy, with a minimum graduation of 0.1g.

A solution to match your exact needs: From weigh table size to rejectors and software, a wide choice of options enables us to tailor each Advance-Line checkweigher to meet the exact requirements of your application and line configuration.

Built to withstand tough working conditions: Robustly constructed on a stainless-steel framework, Advance-Line checkweighers are engineered to deliver many years of service in the most demanding applications.

Easy to clean and maintain: The simplified, open design means that cleaning of the checkweigher and the floorspace beneath it can be carried out in minutes, helping keep downtime to a minimum.

Fully Compliant

All Advance-Line checkweighers are fully compliant with European safety and weight directives. In addition, if you have non-standard requirements, we have the resources to help you meet these also.


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