Mini Combined Weighing and Packaging Machine

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The mini combined weighing and packaging machine is a combination of a miniature multi-head scale and a vertical packaging machine, and the weighing and packaging integrated PLC program control. Fully automatic metering, filling and bag making, date of printing, packaging output, suitable for weighing Chinese herbal medicine pieces, tea, seeds, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, coffee beans, chocolate and other small particles. The mini combined weighing and packaging machine is cheap, economical and has low maintenance costs.

Technical Specification

MOQ: 1 set
Payment: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: China
Brand: Kenwei
Model: JW-MC361005
Identify Code: JW-MC361005-1
Weighing Range: 5-100g
Accuracy: X (0.5)
Max Speed: 65P/M
Hopper Volume: 500ml
Control Panel: 500ml
Heads No.: 10
Film Width: 140-360mm
Bag Size: 60-250(L)*60-170(W)
Packing Speed: 65Bags/min
Film pulling driven by: Servo Motor


  • High-precision and high resolution loadcell can ensure excellent weighing accuracy;
  • Combined multihead weigher and vertical packaging machine, fully.
  • Automatic fault alarm system ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • Integrated control panel, man-machine interface touch screen, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Equipped with servo motor & film pulling system and optical tracking devices to ensure accurate bag.
  • Horizontal sealing by servo motor with high speed and high efficiency.
  • Cheap, economical, cost-effective and with low maintenance costs.
  • Low height, small sizes for a variety of standard workshop and small places.


  • Bag type: Pillow bag, Gusset bag, Side seal bag.
  • Film type: A variety of laminated films, single-layer PE film, film thickness range: 0.04mm~0.15mm.


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