Combined Weighing And Packaging Machine

The combined weighing and packaging machine has an integrated control panel and a human-machine interface touch screen for easy operation and maintenance. It is equipped with a high-precision and high-resolution load cell to ensure excellent weighing accuracy.

The bag types it provides include pillow bags, gusset bags, and side sealing bags.

It has various film types such as various laminated films, single-layer PE film with the film thickness of 0.04mm~0.15mm. It is very energy-saving, cost-effective and has low maintenance costs. Its small footprint and is suitable for installation in a variety of standard workshops and small workshops.

It is equipped with a precision servo motor, film traction system and optical tracking device to ensure accurate bag length and color positioning. The pulling of the film is operated by its high-performance servo motor. It also has an automatic fault alarm system to ensure safe and reliable operation.


The standard combined weighing and packaging machine is suitable for weighing candies, seeds, jelly, pet food, puffed food, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, frozen food, snack food, meatballs and so on. The mini combined weighing and packaging machine is suitable for weighing small particles such as seeds, tea and coffee beans.


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