Garlic Peeler

GARLIC PEELER is a line of garlic peeling through high pressure air injection. This line consists of a peeling machine and conveyors for feeding and exiting the machine.

The product is deposited on the supply granary, whose conveyor raises the garlic by depositing it on the feed conveyor to the peeling screen and then to the peeling conveyor.

Above this conveyor there is a high-pressure air injection system, consisting of two heads and a suction system with three nozzles, two inside the peeler and one at the outlet.

The high-pressure air injection system travels through the peeling conveyor, in continuous forward and reverse movements, causing the peel to be freed from the garlic.

The shells are mostly aspirated, the rest being collected by a conveyor at a lower level, whose movement is in the opposite direction to that of the dehulling conveyor.

This conveyor collects the shells and deposits them in a container.

The peeled garlic is deposited by the peeling conveyor on an outgoing conveyor.


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