Double spiral mixer with contrast column. Painted steel structure, raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet. Bowl, spiral tools and contrast column in stainless steel. Two independent motors for tools and bowl. System to vary the speed of tools and bowl with an inverter drive (commands on the touch-screen panel of the machine). Closed bowl lid (to prevent dust infiltration) made of stainless steel with blue polyethylene rim.

Working area of mixer and electrical board with IP65 protection level (completely protected from powders and protected from water jets). Spirals motion is given by an OIL FREE system via pulleys and V-belts. Bowl motion is given by coupling between bowl & fric­tion wheel – elastic & tilting – with belt speed reducer. Bowl drive wheel equipped with anti-skid, anti-condensation, anti-oily system, heat insulated. Bowl trolley on wheels. Hooking/releasing of bowl and lifting/lowering of head with hydraulic cylinders, controlled by related central unit. Electrical board on separated cabinet, installed on right side of the machine. Controlled by a 7’’ touch-screen panel.

Technical Specification

Technical Data UM 180 220 280 340 440 540 800
Bowl Volume It 320 320 420 520 660 800 1200
Spirals Turns min/max Rpm 75/240 75/240 75/240 75/240 75/240 75/240 55/180
Motors power 220v/400v Kw 20/24 22/26.5 25/30 27/32.5 38/46 41/49 65/78
Net Weight Kg 1800 1900 2200 2400 2800 3100 5400


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