Who we are


Our vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence and innovation of our projects. For the ability, flexibility and creativity in designing and manufacturing integrated solutions that create more value for our customers and employees, always maintaining high standards of social responsibility.


It is our mission to seek innovative solutions for the most diverse challenges posed by our customers and partners, designing equipment of the highest technology and efficiency, in order to promote their productivity and competitiveness in the global market.

Ensure full customer satisfaction by providing equipment and technical assistance of high quality and professionalism.

Maintain and foster the continuous improvement of an experienced and multidisciplinary team that is up to the challenges that are posed to us.

Our history

INDUSSTOCK - EQUIPAMENTOS PARA INDÚSTRIA LDA, is a limited liability company, headquartered in the municipality of Coimbra.

It is a young company that started its activity in March 2013, in the Industrial Park of Taveiro - Coimbra, with the main focus on trade and reconditioning of equipment used for the Food Industry.


In its genesis, the great experience of more than 20 years of its founder, Eng. João Ferreira in the development of equipment and productive solutions for the Confectionery Industry.

In 2015 to face the challenges launched by its customers, the company redirected its Core Business to the design and construction of new equipment.

Large investments were made in terms of productive equipment and qualified labor in order to provide the conditions and know-how necessary to face the new challenges.

The growth in turnover, staffing and the creation of new departments, led to the need for new facilities that would provide the right conditions for the company's evolution and new reality.

In this context, the new Headquarters was built from scratch at the Montemor-o-Velho Business Park, where Indusstock was transferred in June 2018



Today, INDUSSTOCK is more than an equipment builder, it is a partner in the development of customized solutions that meet the needs of its customers, ensuring maximum reliability, productivity, and quick return on investment.

Supported by a team of professionals with the most varied skills, it is capable of responding to any project that presents itself. It is also representative of the manufacturers ISHIDA, TECNO PACK, POLIN Group, FORTRESS and CEPI for the Portuguese market.


Always with a strong emphasis on the quality of its staff, it has a solid, multidisciplinary and highly motivated team with around 22 employees, of which 1/3 with higher education.


In 2018 it was recognized as the PME Líder and PME Excelência 2018 statute and in 2019, these same statutes were renewed.

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